Cervical And Spinal Traction Therapy In Clive IA

Chiropractic Clive IA Cervical And Spinal Traction Therapy

Our latest upgrade introduces traction therapy as a method of relieving neck pain, lower back pain, and disc-associated pain/problems! Our computerized traction table at Clive IA chiropractic clinic removes pressure on spinal discs through the process of slowly stretching and manipulating the muscles and discs apart to create space and relieve pressure.

Cervical and Spinal Traction Therapy in Clive IA

Chiropractic Clive IA Traction Table

Patients are secured to the table with a harness (around the forehead for cervical traction or around the back for spinal traction) and the computer program is tailored to your body automatically based on the specifications designated by Dr. Robert Adams.

Typical traction therapy lasts between 20 -30 minutes as the traction program adjusts and gives the muscles time to relax before pulling or moving further. The results of spinal traction include alleviating pain, proper spinal alignment, and decompressing joints.

Spinal traction stretches the muscles and bones in the back to combat the effects of gravity. Under the right circumstances, this could significantly improve the way you move and feel throughout the day (Source: Healthline).


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