Struggling with Headaches in Clive IA?

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If you have ever experienced a headache or a migraine then you understand uncomfortable and pain. If you think you’ve had a migraine but are not sure, fortunately for you then you probably have never had one. Migraine pain is often described as debilitation pain and nothing helps. Traditionally headaches and migraines are treated with medication, both over-the-counter and prescription strength. These medications help dull or numb the pain but rarely fix the cause. At our Clive IA chiropractic clinic we find and treat the cause.

Symptoms of headaches and migraines can vary anywhere from neck pain, eye tension, irritability, depression, and even hallucinations. When a person is experiencing a severe headache or a migraine they will often avoid light, loud noises, become lightheaded, nauseated, and sometimes vomit.

Chiropractic Care for Migraines In Clive IA

Time and time again doctors of chiropractic are changing lives. A misalignment in the spine creates pressure on the nerves and by aligning the spine and removing the pressure, the occurrence of headaches can be minimized and sometimes stop altogether. Everyone knows that you go to the dentist to prevent cavities but it is not a common train of thought to go to a chiropractor to prevent headaches, migraines, and other conditions. Chiropractors do not just “move bones” but they take care of the nervous system. Why is this so important? Because the nervous system controls everything in your entire body.

Chiropractic Treatment

The treatment that your doctor will choose will depend on the true cause of your migraine or headache. When you start to care, your past and current health will be reviewed and an extensive exam will be performed to track the source of the headaches. People spend hundreds of dollars a year purchasing Ibuprofen, Tylenol, and other drugs to help with the pain but this is unlikely to treat the cause. Your doctor will work with you to find the cause and work with you to prevent your need for medication for headaches again.

Living with headaches or migraines is not really living but if you have them I don’t need to tell you that. At Full Circle Chiropractic in Clive, IA we will find the cause, help you understand what the cause is, and create a care plan to fix the problem. Let us help you get your life back. You are always welcome to call and ask questions. Our staff is here for you!


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