Answers To Your Questions About Wellness Chiropractic Care In Clive IA

Chiropractic Clive IA Wellness Care

Have you ever wondered why wellness care is so important to individuals? Take a look at the answers our team at Clive IA chiropractic clinic created to answer common questions we receive.

What Is The Difference Between Acute Care And Wellness Care In Clive IA?

The difference between acute care and wellness care really focuses on pain. With respect to acute care, the chiropractor is trying to eliminate a patient’s pain and or symptoms. With wellness care, on the other hand, the focus remains on overall patient health. The real benefit to wellness care is the prevention of future issues with things like headaches, back pain, and neck pain.

What Are The Short-Term Benefits of Chiropractic Wellness Care?

With short-term chiropractic wellness care, the real benefit becomes increased functionality, specifically at the spinal joint level. Just like learning to ride a bike or to play basketball, increased muscle memory early on in chiropractic care will help reinforce that positive joint position. What this means to the patient, is that each spinal joint becomes more stable, meaning less chance for various pain presentations.

What Are The Long-Term Benefits Of Chiropractic Wellness Care?

There’s quite a difference between short-term chiropractic care and long-term chiropractic care. As mentioned earlier, short-term care is focused on the alleviation of the patient’s symptoms, whereas long-term care is more preventative in nature. With respect to long-term prevention, this type of care usually isn’t as utilized because the effects aren’t as visible compared with short-term care. Specifically, in short-term care, you can actually see symptoms change and it’s easy to see/feel pain reduction. Conversely, with long-term care, lack of pain presentation is hard to gauge compared to the decrease of a current pain symptom. Long-term care compared to short-term care is the most beneficial for the patient because the patient not only has decreased overall symptoms, especially with respect to pain but also increased overall quality of health.

What Are The Cost Savings Of Having Wellness Care?

With respect to cost savings between acute care and wellness care, it’s easy to be seen just the frequency of adjustments. Let’s take low back pain for an example: the gold standard of care currently recommends roughly 12 visits over a six-week period (this standard of care is dependent upon the patient’s overall health, age, level of physical activity, weight, etc.). Now utilizing wellness care, imagine that same six-week period if the patient had never experienced the low back pain, to begin with, now the patient over a six-week period has been adjusted one or two times compared to 12 visits. Outside of factors like pain, there are other benefits to chiropractic – some of which are visibly noticed and some that go unnoticed. Ranging from things like headaches to decreased blood pressure, chiropractic can alter the body’s overall performance to increase general health and wellness.

What Other Wellness Services Do You Provide?

We provide many wellness services in our office. By taking a full circle approach we want to focus not only on chiropractic care but the other three components that make up a truly holistic health care approach. The full circle approach to health and wellness includes proper nutrition, adequate exercise, and stress management alongside specific chiropractic care.

What Advice Would You Give To A Patient About Wellness Care?

There are many daily activities that patients need to utilize in order to increase their overall health and wellness. The best advice is individualized advice because every patient has different needs. Each patient needs not only a customizable chiropractic plan, but also an individualized plan for nutrition, exercise, and stress management. These four factors combined can help increase the patient’s overall quality of life. Almost every patient can help decrease overall pain in the morning by implementing a daily stretching routine. We would be happy to recommend specific stretches based on your needs.

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