Electrotherapy, Ultrasound And Laser Technology In Clive IA

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In today’s world, there are many exciting, new ways to effectively re-educate and strengthen muscles during therapy. No new technology, however, has been more effective and invaluable in helping our patients at our Clive IA chiropractic clinic get faster results than the Vectra Genisys Therapy System. This total care system is helping us achieve faster and more permanent results than ever before.

Advanced System Helps Patients Recover Faster In Clive IA

This advanced system uses six different technologies simultaneously to provide help on virtually every side of the treatment process. Here are just a few of the ways we are using this technology to help patients recover faster every day:

Atrophy Prevention
Using electrotherapy in conjunction with built-in ultrasound, patients suffering from muscle atrophy due to injuries like a stroke can be put on the fastest road to recovery with this treatment. It helps reanimate muscles to contract as well as increase blood flow to the affected tissue. This prevents the loss of valuable muscle mass and helps patients find recovery.

Pain Relief
Muscle spasms and painful involuntary movements can be a source of extreme discomfort and pain during therapy. Often, it leaves the patient feeling that there is no way to regain control of their bodies. With the Vectra Genisys, these pains and involuntary spasms can often be soothed and relaxed back to normal, pain-free function using the system’s laser therapy module. It helps relax muscles and relieve muscle spasms. Also, when using electrotherapy, we can identify sources of acute pain and help to ease them. Chronic or recurring pain deep in the tissue is also alleviated during this system’s advanced treatment.

Inflammation Reduction
The Vectra Genisys uses ultrasound technology to do more than just treat pain symptoms. It targets sources of inflammation, which can occur in the muscles with myositis, or in the joints and ligaments with Bursitis and Adhesive Capsulitis; and reduces the swelling deep inside the joints and tissue. This provides you with almost instant relief, but also helps the body to realign and return to proper function. When we are able to reduce inflammation in these hard-to-reach places, we can then stimulate the muscle to work, while at the same time encouraging blood flow to return to the affected area. Recovery goes from impossible, to possible, then to probable as you begin to feel the effects deep inside the tissue.

The Vectra Genisys has become an indispensable tool for providing comprehensive treatment of injuries and disorders that used to be almost impossible to reach, diagnose, and treat. With the combined functions of electrotherapy, ultrasound, and laser technology all working together seamlessly, we now have advanced ways to specifically target soft tissue injuries and even shortened tendons from a past injury, and put that tissue on the correct path to recovery. All of the treatment is provided with a system that is safe, tested, and non-invasive. Muscles that were previously untrainable and inactive from stroke and injury can now be retaught and retrained, putting you on a faster, more thorough, and pain-free path to recovery.

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