Imagine Living Pain Free In Clive IA

Imagine Living Pain Free In Clive IA

Chiropractic Clive IA Imagine Living Pain Free

Thanks To Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy - A Non-Invasive, Drug-Free Approach there may be another way to get out of pain at Clive IA chiropractic clinic.

Like many busy moms, Sarah enjoys spending time with her children, the tingling and numbness in her arms and hands make driving uncomfortable.

Bill has noticed a nagging pain in his low back. The longer he sits the worse the pain gets. He's even had to give up his weekend golf games because of his discomfort.

While their daily activities are different, Bill and Sarah have something in common.

They both have sought medical advice from a physician after physician. Even after undergoing MRIs and treatment with numerous medications, their symptoms always reappear and seem to come from an unknown cause. They wonder if this is the quality of life they have to get used to. Are there any answers for their chronic pain?

Maybe you're one of the thousands of people who have been told, "Nothing more can be done for you. You must learn to live with the pain." Maybe you've endured one diagnostic test after another, only to be told that nothing can be found. Yet, you continue to experience debilitating pain that interferes with your daily life.

Do you experience pain or discomfort while performing simple daily tasks such as computer work, housework, or driving your car? Have you had to give up a hobby or activity that you enjoy?

Dr. Robert Adams wants you to know that there is hope for chronic pain sufferers. He specializes in the treatment and resolution of chronic pain. He has successfully returned patients back to the active and pain-free lifestyle they longed for.

He does this through the use of myofascial trigger point therapy, a non-invasive, drug-free approach. This is performed in his office over a short span of a few visits. By utilizing his extensive background in muscle/joint and soft tissue rehabilitation, he is able to address your pain and its causes.

Trigger points are ultra-sensitive "spots" in the body's soft tissue, primarily the muscles and tendons. Trigger points can cause joint stiffness and restrict blood flow, causing constant or nagging pain. These "spots" are hard nodules formed from trauma, poor posture, poor work, habits, and many other factors.

By treating them with compression and physical therapy modalities, these trigger points can be disengaged, causing blood flow and joint function to be restored, thereby helping to rid you of your chronic pain.

Dr. Adams and his caring staff are committed to returning you to an active and pain-free lifestyle. You don't have to live with your pain. Call today for your initial evaluation.


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