Sciatica – Causes, Symptoms and Treatments In Clive IA

Sciatica - Causes, Symptoms and Treatments In Clive IA

Chiropractic Clive IA Causes And Treatments For Sciatica

What are some of the causes of sciatica?

Traditionally at Clive IA chiropractic clinic, the most common cause of sciatic pain is lumbar or sacroiliac subluxation. Others include herniated lumbar disc, degenerative disc disease, piriformis syndrome, lumbar spinal stenosis, pregnancy, scar tissue, muscle strain, and infection. I've seen many patients with symptoms of sciatica. Some of those symptoms are self-diagnosed while a clinician has diagnosed others. When you are looking for the causes of sciatica, the range is so vast because of the age range in which patients can experience the sharp pain down the leg. It is usually best to consult your physician for a proper diagnosis.

What are some of the symptoms that patients feel with sciatica?

There are many symptoms a patient may feel while experiencing sciatica, but the most common is a pain in the gluteus maximus muscle or down the leg especially while the patient is sitting. The patient may also experience burning or tingling down the leg with some noted weakness or numbing sensation in the foot. The pain usually is fairly constant and sharp notably on one side of the body and it can make rising from a seated position difficult.

What are the traditional treatments for sciatica?

Traditional treatments for sciatica include the use of NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) or oral steroids to reduce any inflammation. It is also recommended to use heat and/or ice depending on the patient's pain. Some clinicians will periodically use epidural steroid injections to help reduce inflammation.

What treatments do you offer patients struggling with sciatica?

In our office, we focus primarily on alleviation of sciatic symptoms through correction of lumbar and sacroiliac subluxation. With respect to piriformis syndrome, degenerative disc disease, and herniated discs, chiropractic care can help to reduce the symptoms along with restoring normal function to the joint.

Is the problem gone when the pain goes away?

The problem usually is still unresolved once the pain goes away. But with proper care, the problem should be corrected within 6-10 weeks. The treatment time is really dependent upon the patient's overall ability and overall wellness prior to experiencing the symptoms.

What advice would you give someone with sciatica?

The easiest advice is to consult your chiropractor to help diagnose where the problem is coming from. They can then put together a customized treatment plan to decrease the symptoms and make sure the problem doesn't reoccur in the future.


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